File Names Export

Tips and Tricks

How to change the list separator
The column separator in the CSV file or the "list separator" in Windows is defined in your Regional Settings and it is normally "," or ";". If you work on one computer and you do not reinstall Windows it should be always the same. If you want to change it in your CSV file, just open it with Notepad and replace all ";" with "," for example. Or you can change it in your Windows OS going to Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Customize - List Separator.

How to change the file size from "5687" to "6 KB"
Open the CSV file with double click on its name. Insert a new column "E" after the column "D" with the file size. Enter the formula "=CONCATENATE(ROUNDUP(D1/1000;0);" KB")" in E1 and copy it dragging the mouse till the end of the column. Save the file as CSV to convert the formula results to text, exit and open it again with Excel.